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I am grateful for having run and being elected for a third and final term as a Bencher (or governor) of the Law Society of Ontario.  The Good Governance Coalition of which I was a team member enjoyed a landslide victory and I received the second most number of votes of any candidate in Ontario.


I thank all those who voted for me and supported the coalition with a view that good common sense and reasonable decision making among all of the elected benchers will assure good governance and responsible decision at the Law Society.


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"Sid has all of the characteristics that should be expected of an elected Bencher. He is thoughtful, independent, experienced and hard working. Those traits are essential qualities for an effective representative and leader of the legal profession. Sid’s expertise and wisdom rises above any narrow area of the practice of law. Voting lawyers should seek others like him, rather than narrow focused, single issue candidates who will not have the depth, interest or capacity to address the numerous complex and competing issues to face Convocation in the next 4 years. We are fortunate to have Sid offering to continue as a Bencher for a further term."

Larry Banack, Life Bencher, Toronto

Thinking how to phrase an endorsement of Sid Troister in the 2023 bencher election.  Experienced, check.  Respected, sure.  Knowledgeable, accessible, conscientious, yeah, all those, but above all else – unerringly pragmatic, with lawyers and the public alike.  An influential Bay Street lawyer who speaks the language of the sole practitioner in Ottawa and every other small Ontario town."


Mark Arbique, sole practioner, Ottawa


“I endorse Sidney Troister’s candidacy for bencher in the 2023 bencher elections. Sidney has been a voice of guidance to the real estate bar and general practitioners for many years and without his thoughtful guidance, many lawyers would unknowingly run into issues. I am grateful that experienced practitioners, like Sidney, are putting their name forward to provide good, practical oversight to the profession, in the public interest.”

Laurie Crocker, General Counsel 

"The name Sid Troister is synonymous with legal education and the practice of law to the highest standards.  He has always been a legal educator and an advocate for lawyers. Sid is always available to help colleagues and always a resource to all those who practice in the real estate and commercial area. Sid has been and will continue to be a hardworking dedicated Bencher about whom we can continue to be proud.  He has made and will continue to make an extraordinary and  positive contribution to the profession.

Reuben Rosenblatt, LLD, KC, LSM Minden Gross, Toronto

"I enthusiastically endorse Sid Troister for Bencher.  Solicitors need strong representation at Convocation and Sid has proven to be a fair, reasonable and dedicated voice during at Convocation.  He has not been afraid to speak up for good governance and common sense decision making.  He has been a tremendous leader for the real estate bar for many years and brings this much needed experience and perspective to the Law Society."


Merredith MacLennan, Ottawa

"Sidney is not only a thought leader in his area of practice, but has a long track record of advancing the dialogue on the direction that the practice of law needs to go in. Sid marries a longstanding excellence in practice with an appetite for seeing the legal profession keep pace with its ever-changing environment. I would consider us fortunate to have his service as a Bencher."

Simon P. Crawford, Senior Partner, Bennett Jones LLP, Toronto

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