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The following is a sample of the many comments received upon my announcement that I was running for bencher again.

“Sid has been one of the most passionate, thoughtful and articulate Benchers during my 16 years as a lawyer. His common sense and attention to detail when evaluating the issues that our profession encounters is invaluable, as is his commitment to keeping us all informed. I proudly support Sid in his re-election for Bencher and encourage every one of my colleagues to do the same." 

James McAskill, Oakville

"Sid exemplifies the best attributes that we should all aspire to. Sid is a lawyer with integrity, erudite judgment, and a wealth of experience.  He has my vote!"

Susan Sack, Toronto

“I have sat in Convocation with Sid Troister for the last 4 years. When Sid speaks, he always exhibits sound judgment in a calm manner.  Sid personifies the ideal Bencher.”

Harvey Strosberg, KC, Windsor, former Treasurer of the LSO

Sid is a hard working and driven Bencher. I have had the privilege to have worked directly with him on many projects in support of the profession and the Lawyers Feed the hungry program of the Law Society. His devotion to the profession is unmatched and I am proud to support him."

Ian Hull, Toronto, Chair, Lawyers Feed the Hungry programme

"Sid is a thoughtful, honest, always helpful and has given much to the profession over the years. He deserves your vote.“

Peter Quinn, Toronto; author of Real Estate Practice in Ontario (Donahue, Quinn & Grandilli)

“I wholeheartedly endorse Sid Troister for re-election as a bencher of the Law Society of Ontario.  I first met Sid when we attended Osgoode Hall together.  He impressed me then as a person devoted to the law and over the 50+ years since we graduated together,  he has risen to “star” status in the legal profession.  He has devoted countless hours to teaching, mentorship and trying to ensure that every new crop of lawyers entering our profession is equipped with the right tools to succeed.  Sid answers his phone and gratuitously offers guidance and advice to all whole call upon him.  The LSO will be sorely deficient in leadership if Sid is not present as a bencher to provide his counsel, wisdom, leadership and practical perspective on life.  We all owe Sid our gratitude and thanks for the unyielding dedication and personal time he has given to our profession and since he is willing to continue to generously offer us his time, we would be sorely remiss to deny him and the profession the opportunity to continue to serve as a bencher.”

Stanley Grosssman, Toronto

“Sid Troister is an outstanding Bencher. He has been one of the hardest working Benchers, and brings great judgment and integrity to everything that he does. We need individuals like Sid leading the profession.
Christopher Bredt, LSM, Toronto, retired bencher

"I heartily support Sid's campaign for reelection as bencher of the LSO; we need more solicitor benchers to ensure that the voices of those of us practising in this area of law are adequately heard by Convocation.  Sid's common sense approach to issues facing the profession benefit us all, so I urge you to vote for him to ensure we continue to benefit from his knowledge experience and commitment to the profession." Karen Lewis, Huntsville

“While I will not support any slate or block of candidates, I will support the re-election of a few thoughtful and experienced Benchers who I believe will continue to make important contributions at Convocation. That’s why I plan to vote for Sid and I urge you to do so as well “

Joe Groia, Toronto, retiring bencher. 

"You have my vote!  You are a tireless supporter of the solicitor in Ontario. Please continue your advocacy on our behalf."   

 Brian Hanna, Oakville

"It is my pleasure to offer my support for Sid Troister’s re election for Bencher. I have known Sid for many years and co-chair the annual Real Estate Summit with him. He began that program 20 years ago and has been a guide and mentor to lawyers across the province. I am a sole practitioner who practices almost exclusively real estate. We solicitors and particularly real estate lawyers need our interests represented at convocation. Sid provides that for us. Sid tirelessly answers our calls and emails and has always helped when he could. He has spent his career trying to make life better for practitioners and keep us out of all kinds of trouble. Most recently Sid has published a further edition of his Planning Act book after having helpful amendments to the statute made. Let's not forget his "must read" newsletter. Please vote for him again. I would also recommend that you review the slate of benchers running as the "Good Governance Coalition"  Joel Kadish, Toronto. Chair of the Annual Real Estate Law Summit

"Sid has all of the characteristics that should be expected of an elected Bencher. He is thoughtful, independent, experienced and hard working. Those traits are essential qualities for an effective representative and leader of the legal profession. Sid’s expertise and wisdom rises above any narrow area of the practice of law. Voting lawyers should seek others like him,  rather than narrow focused, single issue candidates who will not have the depth, interest or capacity to address the numerous complex and competing issues to face Convocation in the next 4 years. We are fortunate to have Sid offering to continue as a Bencher for a further term."  Larry Banack, retiring Life Bencher, Toronto

​"You bring a strong voice of reason and understanding to the table when it comes to lawyer regulation, especially when it comes to life in the trenches for a solicitor, and we never seem to have enough of that."  Jordan Cohen, Toronto

“I personally think that Sid Troister is the Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow and Josh Allen of the real estate bar, in terms of his pre-eminent skill, competence and leadership.  Sid has never forgotten his roots and what it’s like to be in the trenches, practicing real estate law day-to-day. He is a consummate professional, who speaks with clarity, reason and pragmatism, and is most worthy of our wholehearted support in the upcoming bencher elections“  Harry Herskowitz, Toronto

"Sid Troister has been a well-respected member of the real estate bar for many years.  He is knowledgeable, practical and has the best interests of the profession at heart, whilst always balancing public concerns.  He is a pleasure to deal with and always fair and forthright."  Leor Margulies, Toronto

“I am extremely grateful that Sidney Troister plans to run again as a candidate for bencher. Sid’s commitment and contributions to the legal profession has been exemplary for decades now. He has chaired the annual Real Estate Summit for many years, written the seminal legal text on Section 50 of the Planning Act (“The Law of Subdivision Control in Ontario” which believe me he does not do for the royalties), provides regular updates on real estate law and issues of particular concern to real estate practitioners (extremely helpful given the exponential number of bullets which real estate lawyers have to dodge) on a gratis basis, and is extremely generous with his time when it comes to responding to lawyers, such as myself, with wise counsel when Planning Act issues beyond our ken arise. Recently Sid provided consultation to the Office of the Attorney General which resulted in practical amendments to the Planning Act. Give this history it has not been a surprise to me to see that Sid’s efforts as a bencher have consistently focused on supporting lawyers and coming up with practical solutions for those of us who run our own business.  As I expected, Sid's concern for and generosity to other lawyers carries over to his role as bencher.  Sidney Troister is truly a lawyer’s lawyer whose superb legal skills and knowledge are matched by his care for other lawyers. We are lucky to have him as a member of the legal community and as a candidate for bencher. I encourage you join me in voting for Sidney Troister as bencher."  Bev Chapin, Toronto

"Sid is an approachable and down to earth lawyer.  He generously shares his time and knowledge with the legal community--both on a one to one basis and also as a regular CPD speaker. His views are always thoughtful and well considered.  I strongly urge all solicitors to vote for Sid in the upcoming election."   Mary Foss, Perth

Sid offers a strong voice and clear direction on issues that are of critical importance to the bar.  You can always count on Sid to move forward with a practical practitioner's approach."   David Slan, Toronto

"Great to see quality running for Bencher again.”  Allan Sternberg,  Toronto

​“I strongly endorse Sidney Troister for election as a bencher of the Law Society of Ontario.  I have known Sid for many years and consider him to be among the strongest of candidates.  Sid has given his time unreservedly to the solicitors community, for whom he advocates at the Law Society.  When casting your ballot for the election of benchers, I consider it to be extremely important that you vote for Sid."  Bram Potechin, Ottawa

​"The insight, wisdom and common sense that you brought to Convocation has been invaluable. In my view, however, just as important, has been the class and decorum that you have shown in supporting your position on some of the  “heated” matters that came before Convocation in the past 8 years."  Odysseas Papadimitriou, Toronto

​"Sid has sound, sensible convictions and the courage to fight for them. It's great for the profession, especially real estate lawyers, that Sid is going for another round for bencher. Sid's no nonsense and plain speaking is needed now more than ever. Sid's long term focus on competence and education--and spending his own time and effort on it--is impressive and valuable."  Ted Perlmutter, Toronto

Experienced, dedicated, resourceful, and reasonable, all the qualities needed to become a respected bencher. VOTE Sid Troister.  Frank Bennett, Toronto, Author, Bennett on Bankruptcy


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